More Ad Categories for Google AdSense Publishers

More Ad Categories for Google AdSense Publishers

Publishers want more ads and types of different ad categories so that the ad should be more relevant to their website content as content relevancy is the most important part of the business. To compete with competitors ads, content and relevancy is the must. With the concept in mind that detailed and expanded sub-categories will help publishers of AdSense in refinement of creating and placing different Ad blocks on their sites, Google has publicized on Tuesday that it will expand the number of categories and sub-categories to increase the capability and relevancy for publishers and approximately 200 to 500 number of categories will be expanded soon.

For example, now you can choose from sub-categories like “sunglasses, watches, anklets or handbags” instead of selecting the category “Apparels” likewise there are many more categories that are going to be expanded soon.

The ability to use more categories in Google AdSense is now available to the publishers and also supportsDutch, Russia, polish and Turkish in addition to English as well. So from now, publishers of AdSense will get more control over their ads on the website. This concept of expansion in ads categories will roll out a drastic change in websites and will lead towards both content and ad relevancy on the website.

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