Blocking Annoying Ads on Chrome

Blocking Annoying Ads on Chrome

Next Year all the “Annoying” Ads will be blocked by Google on Chrome


Google is now coming up with a new report that will notify publishers that whether their ads are meeting the guidelines which are necessary to maintain a better ad standard and ping them to take action before the ads get blocked.

There is a Global Ad Standard format that decides the ad quality and standard and was established one year ago by Google, Facebook, the IAB and others to handle this root problem of bad ads experiences. And now the Google also supports this ad standard format for digital marketing also.


Chrome ad blocking report –   

Sridhar Ramaswamy – The head of Google ads and commerce has confirmed this new update in which all the ads will be blocked on Chrome browser that don’t meet the guidelines of ad standard format and this will be probably rolled out in 2018.

All with the ad blocking system, Google has also added an Ad Experience report to gives insights to publishers that whether the ads are being blocked when users are viewing sites in chrome and found it annoying. So in this report the publisher can see screen shots of the text ads and video ads that system of Google has found it annoying and violating the ad standard format.

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